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Canadian Camper Vans is an RV rental company under European management. Our main office is located in Vancouver, on Canada's West Coast. Many visitors and even local residents consider Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is definitely worth spending a few days, either before or after your adventurous vacation in one of our motorhomes, vans or truck/campers. Our offices in Vancouver and Calgary are conveniently located and only a 20-minute drive from the airport. Some RV rental businesses are located one hour away, in Langley.

We have been renting and selling RVs since 1986; our fleet now consists of 60 vehicles. Our modern "homes on wheels" feature all the amenities and comfort you expect from a high-quality RV. The camper vans are of compact size, yet fully equipped for a perfect vacation. Their ideal size makes them very easy to drive. Our rates are competitive and you get excellent value for your money.

Because of our many years of experience, we know exactly what our customers are looking for. We take the time to thoroughly explain the vehicles and answer all your questions. Our competent and friendly bilingual (English and German) staff will be happy to assist you.

Another reason to choose Canadian Camper Vans: our customers may pick up vehicles in the morning, thus avoiding rush hour traffic. We know that being stuck in traffic is not a good way to start your vacation and want to ensure you are able to leave the city as early in the day as possible. Please also bear in mind that with most other rental companies you lose almost a whole day of your vacation because of the early drop-off times.

To satisfy our customer's increasing demand for recreational equipment, Canadian Camper Vans offers a variety of equipment for rent, such as canoes, bikes, motorboats, etc. Canadian Camper Vans is the only RV rental company to offer vehicles with a special aerodynamic roof construction for transporting canoes - an advantage that is exclusive to our 17ft, 19ft & 20 ft. vans.

Fuel consumption is one aspect that is often overlooked when planning a vacation budget. Our daily rates can, of course, only be a rough guideline since fuel expenses may vary considerably depending on the kind of vehicle you choose.

Our powerful Dodge Diesel truck/campers (TC-22) are equipped with an engine retarder and cruise control - what a pleasure to drive!

Travelling in Canada is not limited to July and August. On the contrary! Late April as well as May, June and the beginning of October have just as much to offer. You will encounter a lot less traffic and more peace and quiet on the campgrounds, not to mention that our rates are even more tempting during those months!

Travelers who will be on vacation for 4 months or more may want to consider purchasing a vehicle. It is an affordable alternative to a long-term rental. We offer a variety of camper vans and motor homes for sale. We handle all registration/insurance formalities with an assigned address.

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