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  • The biggest selection on Campervans!

  • Canoe, Mountain Bikes, Boats, Bikes - we make it happen!

  • For more then 30 years under Swiss-Canadian Management!


  • Great in milage and affordable to rent!

  • Much more flexible than oversized mobile homes, especially in the City and on the Ferry to Vancouver Island.

  • Take Mountain Bikes, Canoes, and much more along.


Discover Canada with us!



Endless expanses, mountains and roads are waiting to be explored by you. Visit the Western of Canada and start your dream trip with us in Vancouver or Calgary. Whether 2 weeks or 6 months, we are your best choice.

With over 30 years of experience, we guarantee you and unforgettable vacation. We specialize in Camper Vans, Motorhome C and Truck Campers. Especially long-term rentals of up to 6 months and vehicle purchase with withdrawal option are increasingly demanded. You already have a plan? We help you to realize your dream.

We cover all your needs. No matter if you want to take your bike with you or hire one of us. We have canoes, motocycles, fishing boats, gullies, gas grill and much more. Contact us for more information.

Our team is looking forward to realize your personal dream.

You’ve already waited too long!

Book your next adventure with us!

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Start your journey in Vancouver
”Beautiful British Columbia”

Visit Kelowna in Canadas Wine Valley - Okanagan

OUr promises to you!

We will do everything we can to make your trip unforgettable. Canada is big, very big and please bring enough time with you. We can promise you no matter how long you plan your trip for, it will never be long enough to see everything.

Canada - where the journey is the destination!

If you’re flying halfway around the world to make your dream come true, then you do not want any negative surprises. But above all, you want to start your journey right away and not have to equip your motorhome first. With us, you get a fully equipped vehicle, not so, as with most other providers.

Our team speaks English and German and has been in this business for over 30 years. we know the needs of our mainly European customers. We do not leave anything to chance.

Due to our central location, you can reach the airport or downtown Vancouver in just a few minutes. Benefit now from the favorable Canada Dollar (about 0.75 CHF or USD) and the relativly low gasoline prices compared to Europe.

Rent with us from 10 days to 6 months - or just buy a vehicle and bring it back in the end of your trip.

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Two very strong reasons not to go with your tent …

  1. BC is always sunny, unless it’s raining… and then you wished you have ordered our van!


2. You probably want to see and not experience the bears!


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Rolf; “We never get bored!”